Birds - Hero Traits Bonuses

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The Unknown
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Birds - Hero Traits Bonuses

Postby The Unknown » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:58 pm

A few days ago Vagal was 4th lvl, gave +1 physical affinity (pa) and in info for upgrade to lvl 5 was written +1 pa. So it have to give +2 pa but today we upgrade him but bonus still +1 pa. Of cause may be this was changed in one of last updates and Vagal lvl 4 didn't give pa bonus and I didn't see it, but I doubt. Sid lvl 5 give +1 speed and info for lvl 6 another +1 speed written. And I think when it will be lvl 6 he will still add only +1 speed like Vagal. May be other birds also have something like this.

Check this please. Is it problem with sum of bonuses and they replace instead sum or may be it's just bugged info for upgrade?...

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Re: Birds - Hero Traits Bonuses

Postby Thalie » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:34 pm


You are the second person that told me about this issue, and I do believe it is a bug. I have sent it to the developpers. It should be fixed in the next update. Thanks! :)

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