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New features

Postby Vezage » Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:18 am

So I have some ideas how the game could be improved and probably some of these areas are already subjects for improvement:

- Village management isnt really a thing yet. Somehow you should be able to control who you are with in village and maybe join other villages with free places. For example choosing leader or majority decision system would be good to manage the village. Contribution and activity could be displayed on player profile to give a better idea how much player is doing for the good of the village.

- Should players be able to move between villages then a global chat would be needed as well to communicate with others.

- The quests kind of just appear on the tab without any notification if I remember right. I cant remember what happened when you completed one if there was a reward or some kind of notification about that but I was left with a feeling that the quests kind of just are there and you can almost complete them without knowing there was certain kind of quest in the first place. I might be completely wrong about this one and it's just me not paying attention though.

- The trait tree in some areas doesnt seem clear enough though might be that I'm missing something. Here the trait for 5 points of physical dmg needed every tile around it to be unlocked before you could get it if I'm correct. I cant see though if this trait is marked somehow differently to know before hand that it has that kind of special condition.


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Re: New features

Postby Pépère » Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:25 pm

Hi Vezage,

thank you for you good sugestions!

For the village managements your are right we are under developement in this area and want to add what you suggested.

Instead of a global chat we were thinking of adding a special recruiting tool, to post request as a village or see who is available to join to invite them.

For the quest system, you are right again, we will beef up this section ase well in near future. Currently they just indicate what need to be done to unlock new npcs.

In regards to the trait tree, you are right that the trait physical dmg 5 need a better feedback to indicate that it need all surroundings to be unlocked first.

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