Stuff to save

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Stuff to save

Postby Wireath » Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:42 pm

Just thought to make a thread listing items you'll want to keep, since I ended up selling some resources that were needed and it's a grind to collect again.

Drywood -- You're going to need 10 to upgrade your house to level 4; also going to need it for some equips, like upgrading your Cockleshell Shield, or making & upgrading the Basic Tribal Shield)

Potions -- You'll need 60 potions to upgrade some of the bird's buildings; Small Health Potions for Chani, Small Mana Potions for Sid.

Pine Cones -- Need 60 to upgrade Polo's Market; also for Revival Potions.

Glue Bomb Bag -- Going to need 60 to upgrade Gunpowders & Bombs (Jakob)

Wolf Flower
-- W/ Tar (3 each) will allow you to make a Tribal Cape, which gives 15 Elemental Defense
-- w/ Bones (1 each) lets you make Strength Potions (Though I try not to rely on consumables)
-- W/ Ashes, Pine Cone, and Light Wort, lets you make Revival Potions (Though I haven't tested it's usefulness yet.

Ashes -- Going to need 10 to upgrade your house to level 7; then you'll need 60 to upgrade Doris' area. You'll also need some to upgrade your equips.

Smith's Stone/Amber Nugget/Silk Thread -- Going to need for making and upgrading

PS. Might want to save your Haste Scrolls too, till you can sell them w/o losses.

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Re: Stuff to save

Postby The Unknown » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:31 pm

Most of this no longer true, cause of updates.
For example buildings no longer require resources for upgrade. Only gold.

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